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2022 African Sovereign Wealth Funds Index

We are pleased to introduce the 2022 edition of the African SWFs Index. This is the second edition since the seminal publication in 2018. For the 2018 Index the overarching question was: “How relevant are African SWFs, as currently structured, to


Foreign Products See a Decline While Made in Ghana Products Increase Shelf Space

This report presents the findings of the third edition of the Konfidants Made-In-Ghana survey of Ghana’s leading retail supermarkets. This edition of the report follows the path of the first two editions as part of Konfidants’ SME Competitiveness & Market Access


How global SWFs escaped a “Triple Drain” on their assets

At the onset of the global pandemic in April 2020, analysts at Konfidants spotted a troubling phenomenon they dubbed “the triple drain” on assets of SWFs and predicted that it could wreak a $2 trillion havoc on the $8trillion fortunes of


How well are Made in Ghana products represented in Ghana’s leading supermarkets?

We are pleased to present the findings of the second edition of the Konfidants-Made-in-Ghana survey, which seeks to monitor the shelf space dedicated to locally produced goods across the country’s leading supermarkets. The Konfidants Made-In-Ghana report is the product of a