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Rigorous, innovative management consulting to transform Africa

Mobilizing & shaping the impact of multinationals in Africa

In 2015 thinkers and scholars at Konfidants came up with the idea of ‘AfroChampions’, and proceeded to invent the AfroChampions Initiative. Magnate Aliko Dangote and President Thabo Mbeki co-chair the Initiative.

Thought-leading research, redefining narratives

At the heart of our work is a deep commitment to thought-leading research. We are presently leading defining research on the impact of multinationals in Africa, intra-Africa investments, and African Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Africa’s global giants – the African Globalizers Report

The African Globalizers Report by Konfidants is the first ever research publication tracking the global investments and operations of African firms expanding beyond the continent’s shores. It is a pillar work of the Africa Globalizers flagship in partnership with the AfroChampions Initiative.

Developing pan-African managers, helping create the next generation of African multinationals

In 2016 Konfidants envisioned, designed and co-founded the Djondo Fellowship – a prestigious management program to develop top-level leaders for African multinationals and support local companies to expand beyond local borders. It is named in honor of its Founding Patron Gervais Djondo, one of the visionary founders of Ecobank.

Towards a Restructuring of African Sovereign Wealth Funds

Konfidants is close to launching its maiden African Sovereign Wealth Funds Index – which our experts have designed to benchmark and guide a restructuring of Africa’s Sovereign Wealth Funds to be more relevant to the continent’s development financing needs.

Helping integrate banking and fintech ecosystems across Africa

We are currently advisors to one of the largest banking ecosystems in Africa to design and implement multi-market solutions that integrate fintech products and digital finance innovations to improve customer experience. We have advised the bank to design and implement a multi-year fintech platform for collaboration with fintech companies and start-ups across all 54 African countries.